Sexy 18 y/o Ellie Humiliated

18 Year Old Humiliated - Free Hardcore Gallery

Sexy 18 y/o Ellie is the latest young teen to get the Killergram College Babes treatment. And fuck, is she hot! The scene starts out with the cameraman barking orders at her as he makes her bend over and show off her ass. He tells her to lift her skirt and play with her pussy through her white panties. As she plays with herself her pussy lips start to spill out from under the white cotton.

We then get to see Ellie being taught how to deep throat a big cock. She gets her mouth fucked hard as the monster cock is forced down her throat until she's gagging. When she seems like she can't take any more another guy comes along and takes his turn fucking her mouth too!

Having seen what a hot ass Ellie has it's not surprising that the guys wanted to go for a bit of anal penetration. They bend her over and make her spread her own ass cheeks so they can get a good angle to plough her anus nice and deep. She then gets her ass drilled good and hard by both guys before finishing by taking a couple of big loads of spunk in her pretty mouth.

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18 Year Old Patricia Tamed

18 Year Old Patricia Tamed - Free Hardcore Gallery

18 year old Patricia gets fucked in all holes by two guys who teach her a lesson she will never forget. They begin by making her suck each of their cocks in turn - forcing their hard rods down her sweet innocent young throat. They push it in good and deep until she can't take it any further.

 When they have finished with Patricia's mouth they throw the little slut onto the couch and pull down her bra top to get to her tits. One guy roughly squeezes her boobs while the other orders her to start jacking his cock with her hand. As the first guy pinches her hard nipple with one hand he uses the other to pull off her panties exposing her shaved pussy and tight little asshole.

It's not long before the guy is giving her a rough assfucking she will remember for a long time. He rides her tight virgin ass until she screams for mercy. Then he rides it harder still. Eventually she is resigned to the fact that he's not going to stop and she just lets him continue to pump her hole. In fact, by the end of it, she seems to enjoy having her ass plundered in such a rough fashion. It looks like they found a convert to the world of rough fucking.

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Blindfolded And Penetrated

Blindfolded and Penetrated - Free Hardcore Gallery

This cute, blonde teenager is Carolyn. Carolyn turned up at the Killergram College Babes headquarters to see if they would give her some work doing porn. Now, I'm not sure exactly what she expected but I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting to be completely abused and humiliated and for it to be filmed for the pleasure of some sick Internet pervert like me. But that's what happened, and I'm fucking glad it did!

In these free clips (click the link above) we get to see Carolyn stripped of her skimpy little outfit until she's just wearing her knee-length boots. She's then forced to lay on her back with her legs spread wide while a guy crouches over her face and forces his cock into her throat. Her shaved gash looks amazing as she's laying there with her legs in the air. In fact her pussy lips look pretty wet so I guess the little bitch was getting off on this rough treatment.

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Filthy Teens Outdoor Fuck

Filthy Teens Outdoor Fuck - Free Hardcore Gallery

Two cute teens are recruited for a threesome in these free hardcore clips from Killergram College Babes. There is the usual ritual humiliation leading up to the main event but these two filthy bitches actually seemed to be enjoying it. In fact, at one point you can see one of the little whores tickling the guys shaved balls with her tongue as he's fucking her friends throat and gagging her!

There's plenty of good old rough fucking as the two sluts get their pussies slammed good and hard. Eventualy the guy can't hold back any longer and the two girls get to share a facial cumshot as he sprays jets of sticky cum all over their faces. He then orders them to clean themselves up and we get to see the two girls lick the cum off each other. That's a nice touch that certainly got my cock twitching!

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Blonde Teen Initiation

Blonde Teen Initiation - See The Free Gallery Here

This young, blonde teen gets initiated into the porn industry by three guys in this free movie gallery (see link above). They use and abuse her young body in every way you can imagine. They face fuck her, slap her, bang her pussy and stretch her young asshole with their big cocks before eventualy forcing her to eat their cumshots.

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Redhead Teen Tamed

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This young, redhead was pretty shy when she first started out in this hardcore scene from Killergram College Babes (you can see free clips from the scene on the link above). But there's no room for shyness when the Killergram College Babes boys are in town! They soon had her on her back with a massive cock in her throat as they face fucked the bitch into submission.

And they didn't stop there. They filled her sweet young pussy and rammed it so hard she wouldn't be able to walk right for a week. And you wouldn't believe what they did that that sweet girl's poor asshole! She certainly wouldn't be sitting down for a while either.

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